3D Printed Bearings

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  • This page goes over various 3D Printed Bearings (or at least Mostly 3D Printed)
  • It also organizes links to OSE's efforts in this area
  • The Open Source Motorized Display Turntable will almost require this


  • Start with 3D printed housings, and just add the balls.
  • Flexible way to produce bearings of any size and shape.

Available Designs

  1. Fusion 360, not compatible with FreeCAD unless someone exports STLs.

  1. Airsoft bb 6 mm version - [1] - Airsoftbearing.png - print in place, drop balls in. How do they not fall out?
  2. 608 bearing - [2]

3D Printed Bearing Generator

See OpenSCAD Bearing Generator


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