3D Printed Robotic Arm

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  • A Robotic Arm which has most of its componets 3D Printed
  • Reduces cost (ie no metal cutting needed), at the price of some small structual strength/enviromental hardening
  • Great for prototyping, development, and indoor small-medium load use

Team Spain

  • BCN3D - [1] - all open source, and full build manual - [2]

Team Germany


Team Switzerland


  • Skyentific
  • A Youtube Channel, which has develpoed and tested a few iterations of this concept
  • The Most Recent Design Uses:
    • ODrive
    • Large BLDC "hobby motors"
    • Rotary Encoders
    • Also has a custom control board/remote with all the needed electronics
  • Not 100% completed, but the last few DOF/Axis are near complete (also some of this may be premade, but released slowly to satisfy the Youtube Content Treadmill
  • Has 7DOF total


  • Good one - RAMPS controlled. Need to program it via code.
  • No feedback.
  • Practical use case - if we can create software to generate toolpaths, this would be a practical welding robot when scaled up.
  • Easy concept - 6 degrees of freedom, + 6 stepper drivers. Scalable - as drivers can be whatever size required.
  • Great project for open source TB6600, open source Arduinos, 3D printing, 3d printed belts and bearings for larger size machines.


Download all files, GPLv3, from here:

git clone https://github.com/SkyentificGit/SmallRobotArm


  • Mechanically, this can be scaled up to whatever size stepper motor is available. with proper geometry, allowed forces can be large.
  • Basics: if we have a 50lb force with a 1/2" pulley and 15mm GT2 belt - we can get to 500 lb pull readily on a 5" pulley! Good forces are allowed. We can probably get 5 kg load on the end effector for an industrial welding robot.

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