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I feel for larger robtic projects like this, the Robotic Tractor, and other devices (such as a replication/fork or OpenDog or the CoBot ) ,

modifying Odrive 1.0 or whatever was the last FLOSS version to be a modular (ie per motor) system, and possibly creating a workbench in kicad?, Is almost a must.

If you want preformance and reliability servos are the way to go. The only OS and SOMEWHAT inexpensive option is ODrive

It went closed source recently, the only available board does two motors (double check me on that), and it may (again double check me) have a price premium for profit

Also if it were modular, custom integrated pcb's for the robots could be made saving space and mass ( James Brunton has a pile of Odrive boards all seperate on the current opendog

I am not the electronics sme, and this probably shouldn't outpace the current projects (D3D work, OBi work, and Enterprise work), but perhaps with the workbench stuff we are getting into, this may be a good direction to dev for as well (ie kicad workbench)

Just my thoughts

--Eric (talk) 19:22, 10 August 2020 (UTC)