3D Printer Design Evolution

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3D Printer Construction Set - Scrum Task Management

Critical Path Until December


Axis Build

See Universal CNC Axis

CNC Torch Table Concept

Status: prototype in progress. Requirements:

  • Long axes are 1" shaft, the z axis is 1/2" shafts.
  • Side loading torch table
  • Axis mounts used are the same as the frame for the 3D Printer
  • Z height sensing is automatic
  • Manually-controlled, stepper-driven z control is another option
  • Auto ignition on the gas torch
  • Auto gas control on the gas torch
  • Ultrasonic sensor works with oxyfuel and plasma cutting.
  • Structure can be placed over any work surface, such as a water table


Working Doc

Presentation link - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hmLEnQIzeOh2ui_n9pmmJSzund5lKsBtjB2aOSfN4lw/edit#slide=id.p

Scalable Design


Design Concept - The Belgian Waffle