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Relevant logs are Marcin_Log, Tobben_Log, Joshua_Log, and Michel Log

Wed Aug 17, 2016

See working Google Presentation for development - [1] as well as 3D Printer Design Evolution.

3D printed carriage for the OSE 3D Printer

Thu Jul 14, 2016

Working document is 3D Printer Design Evolution.

Sat Jan 23, 2016

Added 'latest team meeting' video to D3D Development. Jonathan joins team. Planning Factor e Farm build data collection next week, and with those results, we will go forward with improvements prototyping with Jonathan Kocurek, Torbjorn Ludvigsen, and possibly Joshua Langevin and Will Bombardier.

Wed Jan 20, 2015

Purchased a Prusa i3 kit from Folger Technologies, the aluminum extrusion version. Goal is to evaluate build, and see what it takes to do a one day build - and determine more specific value proposition as far as how to present the workshop. Considering auto bed level addition - reviews say that calibration is a big issue, and in our case, can be a show-stopper for a one day build. 2 people per team can make it happen more easily if we design for parallel process - definitely doable. I have seen reports of 7-24 hours for the complete build until good printing.

December 23, 2016

Started D3D Development - "The world's first one day, economically sustainable 3D printer build workshop for a 3D Printer that works."