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+Provide contacts

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  • Cindy
  • Mama
  • Bunceton
  • SW Missouri - via FIRST
  • Via FIRST - machinist lady
  • KC FIRST and Project Lead the Way
  • St. Louis via Rian
  • Acton Academy
  • Maysville high
  • Jerry Hackett and homeschool, crowthers, gluten free
  • Airick head of KC Edu
  • Didi Squires - library and college contacts
  • 1 million cups + Kauffman


XE stands for Extreme Education. These are workshops where educators are taught to build and maintain a 3D printer. The course includes designing objects in FreeCAD and BlocksCAD. See FreeCAD for 3D Printing. This is similar to XM Workshops, except that XM focuses more on the end user rather than on an educator who teaches others. Both XM and XE audiences are similar.


  • The audience is STEAM teachers in elementary and high schools, librarians in schools, and librarians in public libraries.
  • The selling point is a printer that works, and that you can fix yourself when it breaks. The positioning is that you will know how to fix it from common off-the-shelf parts - without even needing to go to us for support.
  • We position this with an interest of starting design contests - the OSE Extreme Design Jams - 4 week projects where students commit to 4 weekends of good hacking. Encourage the creation of a STEAM-based club - or even elementary-school based clubs.

Open Source Microfactory Extreme Design Jams (XD)

XD is what happens when participants learn a certain toolbox. That toolbox is Microfactory machines + computing + social technology .

  • Machines - 3DP, CNC Circuit Mill, Laser cutter, and Filament Maker. Prototyping with these machines.
  • Computing - photogrammetry, FreeCAD design, circuit design
  • Social Technology - understanding project breakdown and role allocation for about 100 people over 3 days. Capacity to lead that process.


  • Campaign is set up once every 3 months to continue refining the development of OSE Fellows' work.
  • HeroX Design Jam challenge is simultaneous and provides a reward to contributors for the Design Jam. This is live and separate from the larger HeroX for a given product. The Design Jam feeds into the larger HeroX.
  • Everyone in the Design Jam votes for the winning contribution - the voting itself as an experiment in non-biased judging - where people reward others for where merit is due. Your vote is transparent, so in some way you must justify yourself if you vote for yourself based on objective performance criteria.
  • Extreme Design Jams format is first - we set up the school to build the 3D Printer.
  • With one or more 3D printers - the group participates in design in FreeCAD
  • We use OSE Workshops FB to communicate progress, then migrate to a dedicated Extreme Design Jams FB page or Minds page
  • We write up a design challenge on the Open Source Microfactory webpage. As much info there as possible - that is the landing page that includes a webstream from the different locations. See XD Streaming.
  • Getting ourselvs out into some Tech/3d Printing/DIY/Maker Youtube Channels may be useful

Open Source Microfactory STEAM Club

  • Teacher guide is required - perhaps the librarian or science teacher acts as a guide
  • Library funds the 3D printer/CNC Circuit Mill/Small Laser
  • Students meet for 3 month durations - and take on a specific Team Project.
  • One simple level project at high school level of involvement - such as a computer mouse, cordless drill, etc.
  • Leave the teacher in charge of managing the team. Everyone participates on a dedicated day - such as Tuesday or Thursday after school.
  • On simplest level project for elementary schools - starting to get kids curious but more than toys.
  • Product selection: for now it's the cordless drill.
  • It could be a geardown for even younger students - GT2 belt geardown for the filament maker.
  • Everything focuses around small tools that can be handled by students in high school.
  • Environmental focus - recycling of plastic to make useful products.
  • Those chapters who are interested in OSE form official chapters, otherwise, they can do whatever they like.
  • Open Source Microfactory Club rollout: (1) 3D printer production; (2) CNC circuit mill production; (3) Laser cutter production; (4) filament maker production - starts by clubs learning to replicate a machine. Once they do - they start on the FB Live Tuesday kickoff every day. Teachers report to the FB live session as far as how far they got. This is featured on the osmicrofactory webpage - with discussions following the FB live.