463L Master Pallet

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  • A type of Intermodal Container for Air Cargo
  • A standard size of pallet with design considerations for ruggedness, and lightness
  • Typically used with Cargo Nets and/or other Material-Handling Equipment
  • Developed and used by the USA military for stratigic airlift, but is also used for unusually large air cargo by civilians
  • Useful as it is larger than the standard Unit Load Device used in more standard airlines for smaller cargo
  • It does require a rather large aircraft, and a rear cargo ramp is preferable
  • Allows for Low-Altitude Parachute-Extraction of Cargo in areas without capable runways, but without the use of Guided Cargo Parachutes thus being possibly cheaper and more simple (technologically)


  • Form The Wikipedia Page (ish) :

"Each Pallet is 88 inches (224 cm) wide , 108 inches (274 cm) long , and 2-1/4 inches (5.7 cm) high . The usable space is 84 in (213 cm) by 104 in (264 cm). It can hold up to 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) of cargo (not exceeding 250 lb per square inch) at 8 g . Empty, each pallet weighs 290 lb (130 kg), or 355 lb (160 kg) with two side nets and a top net."

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