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OSE Badges - 2017

List of Developer Badge Source Files

Requirements for a Badge Icon

  • Identifies badge type -
  • Information:
  • Name
  • Month and Date joined team
  • One star for completion of every development cycle
  • OSE Developer, Documenter, IT, HR, Ambassador role specification
  • Score - score on the test for the given badge

Badges - 2011

We're creating a game layer for Open Source Ecology!

While there are many elements that gamification can help with, focusing on specific short-term projects will enable a smooth transition to a more integrated game layer. Badges are a specific game mechanic system that is tightly-focused, easy to implement and has fairly high returns on impact for time invested.

They require and tie into a Profile System, and they require a badge issuing mechanism such as Mozilla Badges.


  • Basic Rule - an OSE badge is obtained by contributing development to OSE, such that the badge may be verified readily by viewing the work product. The 'exam' for earning a skill is the work product itself. Thus, the badge becomes self-validating. Typically, OSE offers training on various useful skills. The value of the training should be visible in the work product that results from the training materials. For OSE, each of the numerous steps of
  • Easy verification - a badge may be posted on one's Developer Profile or Work Log. The badge must be accompanied by a direct link to the work product that resulted in the badge.
  • Uses an open source badge system - Mozilla Open Badges is one such system.




*DICE 2010 Design Outside the Box - SEE THIS VIDEO. - This lays out why game layers are so important.


More Theory


Companies that specialize in gamification


OSE Badges Ideas

OSE Badges - Some possible ideas

  • (these all need much better names... And fun badge icons!)


  • Video Ninja
  • Animator
  • 2D CAD
  • CAD Programmer - person who programs CAD tools
  • Terrorist - makes excellent Part Explosion Drawings
  • Petent Tender - analizes and opensources patents
  • Logger - person who logs their OSE contributions according to standards at Work_Log_Guidelines#Requirements
  • Documentation Reader => Read a set of articles.
  • Wiki Organizer => Categorize/Tag a number of pages.
  • Wiki Editor => Edit a number of pages.
  • True Fan => Become a True Fan
  • Recruiter => Get a friend to become a True Friend.
  • News Spotter => Post a news article reference to OSE
  • Liker => +1 / Upvote OSE on a social network.
  • Tweeter => Post a message to #OSEcology
  • IRC Lurker => Spend time in the IRC channel
  • Factor e Farm => Visit Factor e Farm!
  • DPV => Complete a dedicated project visit.
  • Systems Engineer => Create a systems breakdown diagram.
  • MAKEr => Post a step-by-step for OSE on the MAKE: Projects site.
  • CAD Master => Publish CAD drawings into the Open Hardware Repository
  • CAD Porter => Port a CAD model between programs (sketchup, solidworks, inventor, etc...)
  • Documentor => Post a OSE tagged Youtube video with 1,000 hits.
  • Editor => Edit raw footage into a finished OSE video.
  • Achievement Designer => Design a published achievement.
  • Round-the-world => Visit 5 OSE development sites.
  • Global Village => Visit 6 OSE global villages.
  • CAMtastic Creator => Create a printable file and post it.
  • Vendoriffic => Find a vendor that reduces the BOM materials on a GVCS project by at least $5.
  • Operator => Complete a Dedicated Offsite Project
  • Cameraman => Watch 10 live OSE webcams.
  • GVCS Vision => Visit all 50 GVCS web pages.
  • Builder => Build a GVCS technology (collect all 50!)
  • Prototyper => Successfully prototype a technology.
  • Presenter => Give an OSE presentation at a conference or school.

More ideas? Chuck 'em up on the list above!


Insert other ideas here...


  • Read up on theory/ideas.
  • Write down badge ideas!
  • Recruit designers from Gameful
  • Draft a Badges Proposal to present for funding/resources!