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We are creating a unified OSE identity usable across websites.


Basically, each badge icon corresponds to an aspect of what some intrinsic skill someone has, or has available to contribute to OSE. The key aspect is being able to access this data quickly and assess the important information about people at a glance.

Once our user data is in a structured format, we can do lots of cool things with it such as...

  • Sea of Faces - Visually see who is involved in what. Great for [team] pages!
  • Badge Percentage breakdown - who has what badge - (and who has what skills)
  • OSE Map Mashup - Think crowdmap, but more like this
  • Skill training / knowledge map game layer in the vein of Khan Academy

But before all this can happen, we have to get our user data into a structured format.


See Badges for background/ideas.

  • Visit Factor e Farm"
  • True Fan"
  • CAD




  • Photo
  • Name
  • Badges

MouseOver MouseOvers trigger additional information being revealed.

  • MouseOver photo/name => Reveal Contact Tooltip (phone, email, website, blog).
  • MouseOver badges=> Expanded badge list box showing every badge awarded.
  • MouseOver badge => Name of badge. Clicking brings up that specific badge page (along with a list of everyone who holds it).

Clicking Clicking navigates to pages with additional information.

  • Click Photo/name => launch full profile page.
  • Click Badge => launch badge description page (along with list of everyone holding that badge)
  • Click Contact Tooltip Icon => launch to contact page/mailto:/tel: (phone, email, website, blog)

Profile Spreadsheet




Target Websites

The goal is an easily embeddable Profile Badge can be placed anywhere.

  • Wiki
  • MAKE Projects,
  • forums,
  • IRC
  • website,
  • microfunding
  • etc...

Migration Pathway Outline

  • Outline requirements
  • UI Mockups / references
  • Get feedback from core web people.
  • Get feedback from everyone and their mother.
  • Define Badges
  • Source icons
  • Send concept outline to Eric Doster at MAKE: Project
  • Cull team culturing data into spreadsheet.
    • Create Google Form for easy data entry.
    • Source manpower by contacting members.
  • Mass create profiles.
  • Port profile data.
  • Cross-post embed to wiki team culturing pages, MAKE: Projects, and forums.
  • Blog about it.
  • Migration


  • Contacted core web people
  • Begun recruitment.
  • Drafted emails.