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Tue 6-6-2017

I had only one hour to use in freeCAD , little slope in the learning curve.

Mon 6-5-2017

Still trying to figure out things about the work with freecad.

Sun 6-4-2017


Sat 6-3-2017


Fri 6-2-2017

For an hour I was in FreeCAD and learning new features as merge project and so on.

Also the BOM made by Paul n , [ https://eu.mouser.com/OrderHistory/OrderDetail.aspx?qs=9C/vjDbyW3Xu7UxxnRM9gUF7Fpw4YQTE] must be checked before purchase the components. They all seem to be available and I don't see any problem. The total price would be 16$

Tue 6-1-2017

Getting familiar with the universal axis ,freecad libraries,etc .

Wed 5-31-2017

Meeting about the THC.

Tue 5-30-2017

Assisting the meeting . Trying to let everything ready before start building the THC prototypes. Using circuit mill - Cyclone CNC Circuit Mill

Mon 5-29-2017

Assisting the failed meeting and tunning the pcb mill.

Sun 5-28-2017

Installing KiCad and taking a look to the 'Arduino THC' project files. After a week of research ,I have two different pcb circuits for a THC,I am thinking in replicate the 'Arduino THC', it is through hole soldering .

Sat 5-27-2017

I found 'Arduino THC' .[1] .

It's a fully documented project,seems using. Cheap and easy to find components (through hole ).

I will take a look to all the files and learn about it .

Fri 5-26-2017

Thu 5-25-2017

Today I was checking more DIY and arduino THC projects. I still having problems to understand the very sensor itself,its anatomy and so on.

Wed 5-24-2017

Exploring more THC options .

Getting familiar with the actual circuit developed by Paulne 4 years ago [[2]] .

Also found this old post PSoC Torch Height Sensing.

Diving the net to find more actual solutions, I have found this forum: [3] .

There, they discuss about a cheap THC system ,called "miniTHC" [4] .

Here's a link to the youtube channel of Adrian H [5] where he explains in detail the miniTHC.

I need time to analyze in more detail those videos and the miniTHC itself. I want to compare it with the CapSenseV1Brd [[6]].

Tue 5-23-2017

Reading Paul Log, Justin Log and discovering what a THC is.

Mon 5-22-2017

First meeting.