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Seed Home Design

Mon Jul 26, 2021

Start assembling D3D printer following 21.06 build. Greenhouse_Work_Log. Help put up first floor exterior wall modules at Seed Eco-Home foundation.

Sun Jul 25, 2021

Set up a SourceCred instance to test out how it might work for OSE Coin.


Sat Jul 24, 2021


Thu Jul 22, 2021


Wed Jul 21, 2021


Tue Jul 20, 2021


OSE Coin



Mon Jul 19, 2021



Wrap, insulate, and finish wall module 26 with an exterior sheet.

Sun Jul 18, 2021

Apprenticeship 2021 add Wal-Mart login / shopping list info, and started recipe cookbook.

Sat Jul 17, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 15

Fri Jul 16, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 14

Thu Jul 15, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 13

Wed Jul 14, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 12

Updated Virtualbox page with more current Windows 10 information and details about OSE Linux.

Tue Jul 13, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 11

Built Wall Module 68 (side wall of stairwell, 2nd floor interior).

Discussed automating CAD generation with Python with @Wesxdz, @coderjeff, and @braden

OSE Workbench for automating adding Seed Home 2 modules User:Coderjeff

OSE macros for automating adding 2x4s. [1]

Python for generating FreeCAD, would be useful for Wes's game. [2]

Installed OSE Linux on VirtualBox on my laptop.

Mon Jul 12, 2021


Goals for today:

  • Download House master file and add module 15 that I finished last week.
  • Pair program FreeCAD with Brian or anyone who wants.
  • Pair install with Ken about
  • Work on FreeCAD 16 vs Latest issue, understand OSE workflow, post to FreeCAD community, investigate workbench.

Sun Jul 11, 2021

Lightframe Game Requirements

Sat Jul 10, 2021

Lightframe Game Requirements

Fri Jul 9, 2021


Thu Jul 8, 2021


Finished Seh_wall_15.Fcstd

Wed Jul 7, 2021


Worked on Seh_wall_15.Fcstd file, after learning FreeCAD constraints to create exact dimensional sizes for pads and sketches.

Extreme Enterprise Night 1: presented Detroit Arcology.

Tue Jul 6, 2021


Download the largest FreeCAD file size from the wiki history, it contains all the individual parts with their original measurements.

0" x 0" x 0" is by convention the bottom left of the house when looking at it from the front.

Mon Jul 5, 2021

Simplified the short top plate in FreeCad 16. [3] | 120_Design_Lessons_-_Day_4 | Seed Home Build Status Spreadsheet

Sun Jul 4, 2021

Doing FreeCAD badge video with Brian. Encountered this error message when trying to record time log hours.

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Sat Jul 3, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 3. Morning Jitsi Chat Transcript

Fri Jul 2, 2021

Day 2 Morning Audio

Building two wall modules in workshop.

  • Cleaning out weeds stuck in roto-tiller with Wes and Odundo, refill with gasoline.
  • Planting of tomato seeds in potting soil, to germinate later in the summer.

Thu Jul 1, 2021

Started recording WAV / OGG audio of each session to be stored in this Google Drive Folder [4]

  • audio recordings of each day's session
  • transcripts (to come)
  • photos

Learned how to use Mozilla's DeepSpeech for transcription.

Day 1 Morning audio [] Day 1 Evening audio []

Walk around land, discover swimming pool, and sandbed next to hornet's nest.

  • Sprigs of fresh mint by the swimming pool, good for refreshing summer drinks.
  • Hornet's nest could be relocated away from swimming pool, to make it a more comfortable high-traffic area.
  • Sandbed could be used for planting, or amending other soil that is too clayey.
 * or weeded, to be a beach for the swimming pool.