Activated Carbon Production Workflow

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  • Basic Overview (in order from beginning to end(s) :
  1. Charcoal is collected (From a batch, or continous kiln)
    1. Optional Mix In Of Saturated Activated Carbon
  2. Shredding/Powderization ( Open Source Shredder and/or Open Source Hammermill and/or Open Source Ballmill
  3. Carbon powder is washed (most likely water, can be fixed bed, or fluidized
    1. Water is seperated and treated (most likely via municipal servces and/or Evaporation Ponds
  4. Carbon is Dried (Solar Dryer Most Linkely
  5. Carbon is Activated (Ozone+Water or thermal)
  6. Carbon is either stored/used in pellets, or in powder form ( Open Source Charcoal Pelletizer )

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