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Agriculture Folder , Picture Folder . Farm Quimmit for Soil Prep.

Tue Jul 12, 2016

Added ID 19 layer to Hazel planting map to show plantings so far.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.55.52 AM.png

Mon Jul 11, 2016

Hazel planting map.

Tue Jun 7, 2016

Keyline Plow.

Mon May 30, 2016

Shaft and bearings in FreeCAD for flail mower.

Fri May 27, 2016

Added drip tube to aquaponics, planted more basil, parsley and lettuce.

Wed May 25, 2016

Progress on Microtrac FreeCAD. Reaching limits of processing power, need to consolidate parts. Note: not an issue in the current form - crisp and fast on Ubuntu 15.10 and Dell Precision M6500 Core i7.

Tue May 24, 2016

Route 2 for incubator brains. Starting to assemble 2015 Microtrac in FreeCAD. Weeding Afforestt.

Sat May 21, 2016

Added track units on idler to Part Library. Aquaponics planting and testing.

Fri May 20, 2016

Updated track unit. Pins table for incubator. Started notes on nutrients in aquaponics. Pond 2 nutrient tests.

Thur May 19, 2016

Added track unit to parts library. Incubator. Weeding Afforest.

Wed May 18, 2016

Pin mapping for incubator brains.

Tue May 17, 2016

Added Track Chain Link to Parts Library.

Mon May 16

Updated Aquaponics Doc. Contacted aliifrq through instructables about helping with incubator electronics.

FreeCAD notes:

Tried to import DXF file for library parts, error message says DXF importer is was not installed, please download manually. Followed download/install procedure. Tried to import DXF again, still got error message but this time it opened up a strange 2d version of the file.

Created pivot plate freecad file from sketch.

Thu May 12, 2016

Updated Incubator Doc. Contacted Khairul Alam about his humidfier, asking about keeping the atomizer stable. Contact was through website.

FreeCAD Update

I've been working on the motor assembly for the automated shelf turner in the incubator. I downloaded STEP files of a stepper motor, motor mount, and coupler from McMaster Carr, as well as RAMPS and Arduino STEP files from GRABCAD. So far I haven't been successful in working with these files.

Firstly, the RAMPS and Arduino models are so big and with so many parts that the software can't handle them. Even small operations like moving in the Draft workbench will cause the system to freeze for several minutes, often forcing me to force quit the program. When I try to fuse all the parts of these models to make them lighter, it's too much for the system. Eventually managed to fuse them by fusing two parts at a time, then making fusions of the fusions, but each time the process took several minutes, and the resulting object was still too complex for the system to handle. Is there a tool in FreeCAD that will let me quickly simplify these shapes while keeping the basic external geometry?

Secondly, the STEP files downloaded from McMaster Carr are apparently not solids. Although they're relatively simple shapes, they're still too much for the system, forcing long waits for any operation. In trying to fuse them, sometimes it will tell me that I can't fuse non-solids, and will make parts disappear when I try (each attempted fusion taking upwards of 20 minutes). Other times it won't give me that error message, but still makes parts disappear or just crashes the system after a long wait. I've tried using the Part Shapebuilder to turn them into solids, but nothing seems to happen and there's no documentation for this tool. How to convert these shapes into solids?

The compressed folder of all the FreeCAD files for the project is now too big to upload to the wiki: here is a folder with just the motor assembly files, and here is the latest version of the cabinet.

Tue May 9, 2016

Visuals for blog post on incubator. Aquaponics plantings.

Tues May 3, 2016

Aquaponics plantings.

FreeCAD problem: how to constrain an entire assembly so it can rotate around a specified axis a set number of degrees in each direction. See PVCshelf.FCStd in Incubator CAD - how to get the whole assembly to rotate around the pvc pipe that runs along the x axis, 40 degrees from horizontal in both directions?

Mon May 2, 2016

Aquaponics Planting Record, Incubator CAD

Thu April 28th, 2016

Incubator design in Freecad.

Wed April 27

Open Source Incubator, cabinet and shelf design. Pics of paper sketches.

Monday April 18, 2016

Visited Whitesville Sawmill (Willie Mautino 816 526 2048). They usually have plenty of bark and sawdust for pickup. $10 per bucket load (one bucket load will fill a pick-up truck). They'd just been cleared out when I got there, but should have plenty next week.

Wed Mar 30, 2016

Visited Subway to ask about food waste, they said they almost never have any except a few loaves of bread now and then. Asked at Dungy's about out-of-date food, they said to come back and ask for Robin.

Ordered seeds for aquaponics.

Open Source Incubator

Visited Hyatt's Processing to discuss picking up slaughter waste. Main points:

Waste comes in plastic garbage cans with no lids. Contents bulge above top of bins.

Entrails, bones and fat/floor waste come in separate bins.

We can take as much or as little as we like. Taking the entrails bins saves him some money, the other bins he doesn't have to pay for removal.

We should pick up Mondays 2 - 4pm.

Between now and September he'll have about 5 - 6 bins of guts per week, and 9 - 10 of the other two. From September on he'll have 30 bins twice a week.

He composts some of the waste along with hay and manure. Without grinding, the guts are gone after about a week and the bones after about two weeks.

Need to figure out loading issue.

Tue Mar 29, 2016

Roofing on Old Greenhouse, Open Source Incubator, left voicemail with Maysville hay seller.

Mon Mar 28 2016

Compost Supply Chain, Crowdfunding Campaign, Crop Plan.

Wed Mar 23 2016

Implementation Plan, Crop Plan

Mon Mar 21 2016

Implementation Plan, Old Greenhouse Renovation

Wed Mar 9, 2016

Mon Mar 7, 2016

Executive Summary: The EIR 2016 proposal includes 5 major revenue streams: (1) a compost chicken operation, (2) aquaponic greens, (3) bootstrap crowd-funder, and (4) workshops.

Alec EIR Agreement 2016


Sat Mar 5, 2016


Ag v3 -


3D Printer BOM


Revenue Projections, Cash Flow, Chicken Infrastructure and different flock size scenarios in FeF Agriculture 2016 v.2 and decision tree, timeline and chicken infrastructure comparisons in Compost Chicken System.

Thu Feb 4, 2016

Agriculture Spreadsheet 2016. Compost Chicken System -


Got a call back from Sydney at Clay County Health Dept. We can't sell poultry slaughtered on-farm in Clay Co (Liberty and Gladstone Farmers Markets), but we should be OK for bread. She's checking on direct sales of poultry and will get back to me.

Called Sunset Home (816 449 2158) about picking up food scraps. Linda manages the kitchen, she sent me up the chain of command to Deloris (administrator), who said I should call back on Wednesday to talk to her boss.

Called Bristol Manor Maysville Senior Home (816 449 2741) about food scraps, they took my number and said Connie will call me back. Sounded suspicious about my out-of-town number, maybe drop by in person.

Called Hamilton Lumber Co (816 583 2420) about picking up sawdust, they said they only have about 1 trash bag full every two or three weeks.

Both Gallatin Hardwoods (660 643 4177) and Kennedy Logging (660 535 6305) were non-working numbers.

Called Ninja Moose Brewery in Hamilton about picking up spent grains, they already have an arrangement.


Chicken Enterprise, research on marketing outlets. Emailed Karl Hammer and Zaytuna Farm about helping as SMEs. Compost Chicken System.


FeF Agriculture 2016 v.2


Chicken flock size and crop planning, chicken management.


Crop availability chart, meat bird planning and portion requirements in Crop Planning.

Farm Equipment for Soil Preparation and Plantout.

2016 Tractor Build Concepts

Conceptual planning for Chicken Management.

Spoke to Joe Bauer about Pony Express Farmers' Market.

  • Cost is $300 for membership, plus $10 per day at market. You can pay $100 up front and the rest of the membership fee by June.
  • You can show up as much or as little as you want durng the season.
  • First market April 23rd, last market Oct 22.
  • No deadline for application.
  • He'll check with the board on whether it's OK to use the market as a CSA pick-up, doesn't foresee a problem.
  • Chicken sold at the market must be processed at a USDA-approved facility (<1000 bird exemption apparently doesn't apply to farmers' markets).
  • Bread must be baked in an approved kitchen to be sold at market (jams and jellies don't).
  • Good demand for eggs.
  • Slow on Wednesdays, mostly senior citizens.
  • Slower at the start of the season

Researching legal issues. There is a cottage food law that may apply.

Cottage Food Law

Farmers Market Handbook (includes legal)

Buchanan County health authorities to contact.

Doug at Sweiger recommended Jeff at Huffaker Farms for baling, but doesn't think anyone will do it in winter. Left voicemail with Huffaker.


2016 Agriculture

Active Projects

FeF Agriculture 2016

Open Source Hydronic Wood Stove


Hablab Exterior

Faculty House


Circuits for FH.


Remove pool stuff and rubbish from Faculty House. Take out bathroom wall. Clean up FH.

Clean up outside Hablab and in storage room, tools back to workshop, barrel burn.

FH circuit diagram.


Plumbing details for Faculty House

Finished caulking Hablab


Add trim on East side of Hablab

Faculty House


Pick up milk and manure


Faculty House


Missouri Nut Growers Association


Laundry from workshop.

Cleared out fridge from workshop.


Faculty House (FH) cleanup.

Removed kitchen walls and lifted floorboard to expose plumbing in FH.

Shot Hackaday video with MJ.

Added layer of mulch to southern Afforestt bed.


Design/planning meeting.


09/12/2015 and 09/13/2015

Great Nutspedition. Picking hazels and discussing breeding in Illinois with Phil and Perry Rutter of Badgersett Research.



Design meeting.

Prep and depart for Great Nutspedition of 2015.


Drop off Stefania at airport.

Picked up screws at Menards.

Planning meeting.



Hablab siding.


Afforestt cleanup. Van registration and inspection (failed). Siding.


Dropped off Ethan at airport. R&R.

09/04/2015 - 09/06/2015

Afforestt Workshop


Set up hose for Afforest. Picked up Adital from airport. Picked up Veronica from airport.


Worked on Bulldozer


Worked on Bulldozer.


Bought pintle hook ring at Sweiger.

Put sides on trailer.

Weed whacking for Afforestt.

Dung unload.


Started on back of Hablab.

Labelled fruiting trees in orchard.

Hablab Extreme Clean Phase II.

Attempted repair of west toilet in Hablab, needs new float valve.


Hablab Extreme Clean Phase I



Fed The Girls (chickens).

Emailed Miracle Orchard participants about Afforestt Workshop.

Left voicemail with Teddy Pankau about picking up manure and milk.

Planted seeds for fall garden.

Siding with Stefania.


Fixed Hablab door for skunk defense.

Picked apples.

Assembled and bent out last idler for bulldozer.

Siding on Hablab with Stefania.

Fed The Girls (chickens).


Picked up Stefania from airport.

Fixed RH shower in Hablab (blocked head). Checked out LH shower, which is reversed; some more pex tubing and cinch clamps needed to fix it.

Picked up pickup from M&R.

Cleaned Hablab, laundry from Bulldozer Workshop

Loosened tree guard mesh where it was digging into bark on one tree, still needed on many others.

Picked apples

Fed The Girls (chickens).


Change bathroom propane tank at Hablab

Siding with Gary, Chris and Squires

Van breakdown, tow and repair (broken serpentine belt)

Take Kiran & Matthieu to KC

08/17/2015 - 08/24/2015

Bulldozer Workshop


Hackaday Prize Log Update


Change bathroom propane tank at Hablab



Hablab tidy-up

Preparing beds for fall garden

Workshop tidy-up

Clean contacts on van battery, replace bolt

Pick up steel at Shweiger

Unload steel

Walmart shopping run

Pick up workshop participants at airport and train station


Workshop tidy-up

Meeting with MJ, CM re: bulldozer workshop

Walk-through of Hablab exterior with Gary

Drop off truck at M & R Auto

Add project log update to prize entry.


Hackaday Prize Entry

Tue Aug 4, 2015

Alec Entrepreneur in Residence Agreement - [2]. Alec Work Plan - [3]