Appliances in New Construction

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Ref 1

  • Washer and dryer come with 'luxury homes' only? [1]
  • Stoves are expected, but not all homes come with ovens.
  • It is very rare for contractors to include a new refrigerator in the mix for new construction homes – either in the US or the UK.
  • HVAC is usually not included
  • First part does say that oven is included.

Ref 2

  • Oven and HVAC are always included - [2]


  • New construction - no fridge or clothes washer because people are typically particular about what they want [3]. Our case is special, in that a condensing superwasher is part of our efficiency brand. But we can leave out the fridge, suggesting that people install a superinsulated superfridge (horizontal).
  • New homes have no appliances other than water heater and HVAC [4]
  • HVAC included but fridge negotiable - [5]
  • Fridge, stove, washer dryer usually not included - [6]
  • Fixtures are included - not movable appliances. [7]

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