Aquifer Storage and Recovery

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  • Often Abbreviated as ASR
  • Uses Injection Wells to put freshwater into the Aquifer / Water Table
    • Technical name for this type of injection well seems to be a "Class V Injection Well"
  • Thus it is essentially the reverse of a well-water source
  • Can be used as storage (ie instead of a tank), but it can also be used for enviromental remediation
    • On this note User:Eric lives in Florida, and due to many people having wells (may be changing with modern suburbs etc), the aquifers are "drying up" (One nearby (former) lake in the "Camp Shands" (jokingly called camp sands) is fully dried up exposing docks all the way to where the pilings hit the lakebed. This technology is being proposed to help alleviate this and help the everglades.
  • Seems to need EPA approval (just a sign off for freshwater probably)
    • Makes sense, don't want toxic sludge being dumped into a freshwater aquifer with no regulations lol
  • Also may have use as a Ground Source Heat Pump

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