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This includes all areas of interest. Then break id down into areas, such as:

  1. House Benchmarking


  • As stated in The Wikipedia Page on Benchmarking this is mainly about comparing yourself to companies of a similar style/size
  • For OSE, the main points are to assess what do other companies and institutions do.
  • What is their product/cost/performance and how does it compare to OSE?
  • This leads to a clear definition of a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Once a UVP is defined, it can be marketed, sold, and fulfilled.

Other Open Source Hardware Companies

Prusa Research

  • Granted not entirely FLOSS (They don't document the Aluminum Anodization Process Used, Minor Aspects like that etc), but otherwise are Open Source (and noone is perfect; Hanlon's razor (although less stupidity in cases like this, rather it's a complex task and humans are imperfect)
  • Arguably one of the most impactful in terms of customers / public presence

Arduino LLC

  • Granted SBC 's are a bit less complex/intensive to roll out (to a degree, not saying PCB Design especially at that level is easy, but if the Unit Cost is 20 usd, compared to 20,000 USD for some projects like a Tractor/Car/House etc there is a bit of difficulty involved in getting that level of funding
  • Either way though the community of makers having projects utilizing an Arduino is HUGE\
  • Another factor to consider is that there are many forks/similar products so Arduino may not have the same economic power, but definetly still has a major social presense
  • ESP32 's becomming common may be changing this to an extent, but the Arduino Uno Form Factor is quite great due to the wide variety of (and inherent modularity in) Arduino Shields so this may keep them "relevant" as well


  • Quite a new enty into the scene, but Stephen Hawes (need to see what the structure is, may be other people listed as founders/leaders etc) founded Opulo after designing a PnP Machine
  • It was originally a diy OS project, however due to the YouTube Series interest SURGED and thus a company was formed to Sell Kits and completed machines
  • The machine was originally called the "Index PnP" but aparently some company had their IP all ruffled (by a small oshw project?) so post cease and desist the name is the Lumen PnP
  • Kits/Finished LumenPnPs have been shipping for a while now (grab date), and the new design of PnP Feeders are starting to be sold as well
  • They have a discord that is rather popular / serves as customer service (not as to shipping, but "how to get this to work" if something goes wrong etc), and aids development by people posting their mods / Workholding setups etc


  • Less a company, moreso a foundation (double check this)
  • Thus parts are either self sourced, or bought as kits from third parties (so VORON may just run on donations / be all volunteer, double check this)
  • Similar in function to HevORT / RatRig / VZBot , although there is a practice of Request a Serial Number
  • To get a serial number one must post a video of them printing a practice print on their machine online
  • This is interesting in that they can sort of track how many have been made, but this also acts as enhanced word of mouth advertising to an extent as well


  • Similar to VORON except they sell their own kits
  • Also sell some CNC Routers


  • Similar to RatRig except they mainly specialize in CNC Routers
  • All their mechanisms use V Rollers for the motion carriage though...
  • Still works great for most people, and they have a good social standing (and probably quite profitable)



Barn Raising

  • a Mostly obsolete practice, but this had a similar philosophy to Swarm Builds etc

Habitat for Humanity

  • Volunteer / Supervised Low Skill Construction for the benefit of others
  • Need to read up on the specifics of how many paid people they have etc, and the Ethics of Volunteering etc but yeah

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