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Who In the World is Doing

  • Open collaborative enterprise optimization and access for solving Pressing World issues.
    • Design-build optimization

Smaller Items

  • Nobody in the world is doing open, distributed production engineering and optimization.for complex products. Nobody is even doing closed, distributed production eng of complex product
    • Closest is Precious Plastic - machines are open source design. BoM is not there (for example, 3 hp motor is stated instead of manufacturer, brand, UPC, etc.). Production engineering (for efficient production) is not there - just craft production. Does not allow industrial productivity or its replication. Last, there is little Recursion.
    • Point- Open source nsustry standard for production is open design DIN SPEC 3105, Proper BOM, Production Engineering, and Optimization of Production Engineering, assuming that a product freeze is in place.

Integrated Approach: Housing as Proof Point

Hypothesis: DMS is inevitable, and even with entrenched monopolies, but must include myriad optimization points, with a modular, construction set approach for the flexibility required to capture majority market share- and Distributive economic model (better wealth distribution) than anything else. However, it must be a product ecosystem or complex product not based on scarce inputs. The wealth distribution (financial independence possibilities) part is the key, as it is the highest value that any product can offer. Ie, supporting your survival with the reptilian brain. The opposite of fear is not bravery - it is creative power.

Many properties. All together they are key, of is there one or two that are key?

  • Open source - this is how we market, via access adutainment
  • Disciplined - best in world by open source - optimizing design and design tools, which has been shown in software. But is that key and important?
  • Open Enterprise Development - econ dev orgs do it, but it is all proprietary and not open therefore impotent in scaling. To scale it must be: best, cheapest, fastest.
  • Distributive - since published in 2012, nobody has even mentioned the word.

Summary: there are many properties, but they add to one thing: distributive economics. ALL the properties must be there.