Production Engineering

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HintLightbulb.png Hint:

  1. Start a wiki page with the corresponding name, ProductName_Production_Engineering
  2. Include critical elements:
    1. Tooling - what tools are used
    2. Material choices - specify any materials that may be substituted if exact BOM materials are not available
    3. Build workflow - diagrams of the production process
    4. Space organization - layout of production facility, and how materials move throughout the build
    5. Quality Control - what specific tests and checks are made throughout the build process to guarantee 2 Sigma quality of a shipped product.


OSE typically designs Parallel Production Engineering which enables many teams to work in parallel, as opposed to linearly. We also apply the Second Toyota Paradox in production engineering to build final products only after an excessive number of prototypes.


  1. Tooling
  2. Material choices for best fit
  3. Build Workflow
  4. Workshop layout/organization
  5. Quality control steps