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  • A biorefinery specifically desinged to process Biocrude
  • Very similar to a petroleum refinery
  • Also should be able to accept Pyrolysis Oil and Plant Oil ?
  • Seems most existing refineries are very focused on producing Gasoline (~45% of each barrels is made into this product?)
    • Thus a post gasoline engine world's refinery would be very different.
  • Need to finish out List of OSE Used (Bio) Petrochemical Products (also make distinction / page for the [[Post all the things world )

Used For

  • Production of Bio-Fuels
  • Production of Bio-Petrochemicals
  • Production of other Biocrude Derivateves

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

Lab Scale

  • ~1L Capacity of Biocrude in
  • Can fit on a lab station

Microfactory/Pilot Plant Scale

  • Can fit on Pallets, Skids, or IMCs

Full Scale

Basic Design

Biocrude Tank

  • This takes biocrude either from an onsite producer, or from ofsite transport

HTL Catalyst Removal Unit?

  • This scrubs and recovers any HTL catalysts
  • Grab info on what catalysts are used in HTL + how one would go about this

Biocrude Sweetening


  • Used only in continous distillers (NOT batch style ones)
  • Preheats the oil to 400° for the (Bio)-Crude-Oil Distillation Unit (or the "(B)CDU")


  • Stands for (Bio)-Crude-Oil Distillation Unit
  • Has two variants:


  • Used for small scale due to is's simplicity
  • Is essentially what this video lays out



  • Stands for Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Distills the heaviest fractions without thermally cracking them via lowering the temp needed

Other Units

  • These can change various fractions into others and/or refine them further:

Catalytic Reforming Unit

Alkylation Unit

Isomerization Unit

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

Hydrocracking Unit

Visbreaker Unit

Coker Unit


Lab Scale

  • Algae Source
  • Way to Partially Dry Algae
  • Catalysts
  • 1x HTL Pressure Vessel
  • 1x HTL Heat Source
  • 1x 1 (or 2) L Distillation Apperatus (with percise heat source to use the video's method of extraction, also the collection resevoir should be easily swappable and / or washable

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