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Current Production Methods

Delayed Coking

Fluidized Coking

Flex Coking

  • Adds a system for Gasification of the resulting petcoke
  • Allows for flexible production of either petcoke and syngas, or just syngas, etc depending on needs

PetCoke Handling Workflow

  • Most systems in use are "Open Systems" that have the damp petcoke-water mass fall into a basin, or some even pre-dry it (?), thus this allows for Particulate Matter pollution to form
  • Also can lead to Water Loss to Evaporation
  • "Closed Systems" can be made where the Reactor Drains Into a Grinder that makes it into Petcoke-Water Slurry without any intermediates (outside of maybe various scrubbing processes) (In BioPetcoke-Water Slurrys This Shouldn't be needed (need to see what stage this would fall in from Bio-Crude Refining (ie post desalting / Hydrodemetallization or not)

OSE Workflow Plotting

  • Sort of Flex Coking+
  • Essentially be able to produce:
  • This is because while tar is less valuable (?), OSE may vaule Asphalt Concrete for Pavement given it's recyclability?
    • Need to review if the potential runoff / emissions is an issue?

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