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BioCharlie by America Sequesters CO2, LLC.

The BioCharlie can make biochar in your fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire pit. It is designed to make a small amount of biochar and may be re-used over and over, whenever you want to relax by your fire. When its biochar product is mixed into the soil, its carbon is locked away for up to a millennium or longer. Biochar also holds onto nutrients and fertilizers in the soil and keeps them from being washed away. Biochar encourages microbial growth while also absorbing water, keeping your soil more drought resistant. The BioCharlie can turn a plethora of materials into biochar: everything from wood chips, sticks and branches, to scrap lumber, cardboard, nuts, and bones. You will enjoy your fireplace more than ever before with the BioCharlie, knowing you are doing your part to help the planet.