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  • A Device that "Upgrades" Biogas to the same quality and roughly the same standards as Natural Gas, thus allowing it to be used with the existing infastructure such as CNG
  • May reduce damage caused by H2S if present in the biogas\
  • This could also produce dilute sulphuric acid
  • Supposedly steel wool works well as a scrubber (or more likely in our case as a failsafe) for hydrogen sulfide)

Short Term/Easy Solution

  • The youtube channel Lucky Hill Farm (they essentially came to the same design as the Biodigester on their own, it's neat how that happens with things), has a simple setup using bleach and iron wool i think?
  • Can be assembled quickly (at most a few hours), and uses common materials
  • DOES require consumables and maitnence however, unlike more refined versions
  • Also no sensors / industrial certification and all that

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Modular
  • Removes H2S and CO2
  • Has a low pressure out feed with quick disconnects to connect to other devices such as a Natural Gas Compressor

Design Research

  • From Wikipedia:

Water washing The most prevalent method is water washing whereby high pressure gas flows into a column in which the carbon dioxide and other trace elements are scrubbed by cascading water running counter-flow to the gas. This arrangement can deliver 98% methane with manufacturers guaranteeing maximum 2% methane loss in the system. It takes roughly between 3% and 6% of the total energy output in gas to run a biogas upgrading system

So essentially a simple wet scrubber

Basic Design



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