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  • Methane Gas
  • Usually when reffered to as Natural Gas, or Shale Gas it is a fossil fuel
  • As a fossil fuel it is extracted from the gas pocket atop oil wells, via hydrostatic fracking from shale, or via crystaline hydrides
  • It CAN be produced sustainably from Biogas using a Biogas Upgrader this is often referred to as Bio-NG (Sold as Bio-CNG ) to differentiate the souce even though the product is essentially the same
  • The fossil fuel variety may contain some other alkanes, but is nearly pure methane
  • It can also be mixed with hydrogen gas to make HCNG (a mixture of compressed natural gas and 4–9 percent hydrogen by energy) although higher blends are possible, this gas actually burns hotter, yet still has the higher equivalent of methane
  • Can be made from syngas
  • Can be made into Hydrogen via Steam Reforming
  • Some research is being done on One Step Methane to Methanol Conversion, but the current commercial process is Two Step Methane to Methanol Conversion

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