Biomass Combustion Products

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  • Also known as coal combustion by(-)products or coal combustion residuals / waste
  • Essentially all the lefttover material once Biomass is burned
    • Can also include Charcoal and Pyrolysis / Gasification as this is "Staged Combustion" (Also this term gets the most google search results, so should "work" the best)
  • This also often includes the Fly Ash , and sometimes material from Flue Gas Desulferization
  • Due to the lack of (significant ammounts of (short of maybe plats consuming tons of material) ) Mercury and other Heavy Metals the main issues associated with Coal Combustion Products are removed
    • This also makes processing the ash into Potassium Hydroxide or other chemicals easier due to less impuritires
  • Need to get specific data (Some similar data may be in the Bio-Crude page)

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