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  • A general term for materials used to:
    • Make structural walls more aesthetically appealing
    • Increase Insulation (Sound, Thermal, etc)
    • Make adding temporary fixtures (Such as Posters, Framed Paintings, String Lights, and so on) via Pushtacks or Nails Easier
      • Especially relevant in Mass Wall Construction as unlike Framing based construction which until a covering is used (Typically Drywall ) it is Bare Studs and thus largely empty
      • So it is largely empty, then almost always covered by drywall'
  • Examples Include:


  • Make Proper Pages for:
  • Also Wikipedia doesn't have that much on all this on-wiki, granted expertise needed / primary sources or good seccondary+citations, edit permissions and yada yada yada, so may just post to the talk section / ask around, either way that is a thing as well

Most Common

Plaster Board


  • Recyclability
  • Gypsum seems to be VERY common and mined in quarries
  • Main issue with drywall seems to be it is hard to produce small scale?
  • It is fire-resistant (need to get more hard info)

Simple Washes/Paint

  • A Thin Coat of Plaster, or Paint
  • Improves aesthetics, doesn't add much else, but is easy to do
  • Would make nails still not very practical (need to dig for info)
  • It can however also allow for:

Engineered Wood

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