Blender to Godot Export

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  • You can export 3D animations or objects from Blender to Godot, the open source game engine. [1]. Godot is open source. [2] and is scriptable including in a visual programming language.
  • Does Godot allow online multiplayer? Yes indeed, it appears to be effective at multiplayer game creation. [3]
  • Godot allows 3D virtual worlds where you can move things. [4]


OSE Use Case

It is compelling to create the use case of a massive online multiplayer game, which can also be played solo - within the context of teh Seed Eco-Home 2. A pile of m aterials for the Seed Eco-Home would be available - and the group has to build a house according to OSE's Swarming methods of collaborative, crowd builds. In this fashion - a completely virtual run-though for a build can be accomplished - providing build training in the process. This can be both a tool for rapid learning and having fun at the same time while learning important collaboration skills, as the coordination required necessitates collaboration. People can thus practice a build before a physical build event - and the gap between the virtual world and reality can be closed. This can allow much wider participation in OSE's work - while Solving Housing.