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High Level Vision

  • Book is a chance to define consensus and a way forward on solving all pressing world issues, by topic. Major areas are addressed as in Pressing World Issues.
  • Book Tour and Incentive Challenge follows publication.
  • Each year after book publication is then dedicated to a business development project to improve a sector of the economy such as Housing, Cars, Food, Poverty, War (mindset of scarcity and proprietary development), Education, Health, Government. Each area follows an X Big Picture vision that is not highly controversial.

  1. Housing Big Picture

Low Level Specifics

  1. Make ebooks of chapters, dedicated to specific audiences. For example, teachers for how they can get involved in world-class research.
  2. Each chapter is a primer, survey, and hacker's guide inspiring readers to understand and hack system that they previously thought unhackable. This serves to open peoples' minds and perspectives about the possibilities to Build Yourself, Build Your World


  • Evolving to Freedom. Perspective of human evolution chapter. Leads up to Integrated Humans. Starts with democracy, goes to enclosure and peonhood, religious freedom, the US experiment, abolition to of slavery, temperance, abolition of womens' slavery, industrial revolution, environmental issues, indigenous rights, colonialism, nuclear disarmament, LGBT, animal rights, organic food, fair trade, resource conflicts, proprietary development, and open source economy. Frame this as a set of metaphors that vindicate that we also thought that the things we now take for granted - such as democracy or freedom to non-whites - were alone at one time seen as ridiculous ideas. Thread into a meaninhlgful dialogue with awe of how we are slowly moving out of the dark ages. Address core issue of difference of ambition and ability, where solution is not to take advantage of the weak, but lift everybody up to their higher powers - including the strong.

Other Notes

  • Book publication is a good framework for data collection and research. This should be used as an effective means to gather information regarding potential collaboration. Such as, "Dear X, I am working on a book that explores the effectiveness and limits of open source collaboration in projects, focusing on hardware deployments. Can you tell me..."
  • Book can be used to inspire collaborators regarding projects and potential grant writing for ambitious business incubation such as the $500 Tractor.
  • Main positioning is sharing the vision of the OSE Campus as an experiment to reinvent the world, and team recruitment for the same. Starting with OSE Growth Strategy of 12 teachers and a blank slate.

Research Areas

  • Field Ready - what is their funding model? What is their license strategy?