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This page contains a list of the most up to date files FOR THE CNC-CUT MACHINE.that have been uploaded to the OSE Wiki relating to the CEB Press fabrication. This list is an attempt to organize the latest critical CAD data, spreadsheets, code, etc for the current revision into one location.

The latest documentation for the CEB Press is currently available for the revision 6 or "CEB Press prototype VI". There will most likely be errors that will need correcting. Please note any errors in the discussion section.

CAD Data

CEB 6 Metal

  • This zip files contains 2d pdf files for CEB 6 parts and assemblies, each sub-assembly has it's own pdf.
  • This zip file is the original Alibre design files, 3d and 2d, that was used to make the step files and pdf files.

CEB 6 With Mixer

CNC Metal Cutting Files

  • These files are dxf files that can be easily imported into CNC cutting machines (i.e. laser-cutter, waterjet, plasma, or torch cutter). These files were originally introduced in the OSE Christmas Gift to the World 2012. Having these files machine cut would save a large amount of time that would otherwise be spent sawing material and drilling holes. These parts are blanks that are welded together (in most cases) in order to make the parts detailed in CEBVI.ZIP listed above. The files below refer to 1/2" steel, 1/4" steel, and 1/8" steel parts - respectively.

Plastic - MTU Remote Prototyping

Part 1:

Sourcing of 3D Prints

$15 per piece from : but scale is off by about a factor of 2




Working document - [1]


  • Electronics BOM (May 2013)


  • this is the program file that runs on the Arduino micro controller that is installed on the CEB Press.