CEB Press Controller v19.01

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Product 2019. Compare to 2011 work and see CEB Press Controller Genealogy:

Used With

This controller is currently being used in Belize - with CEB_Press_v16.09.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo Da Vinci.

Current direction is simplifying the controller: getting rid of the dedicated control board and using an Arduino shield. This simplifies build immensely, and allows full build with off-the-shelf parts, no custom boards. That is good for replicability worldwide.

Looking back at dedicated boards - why should we be using custom boards when simple Arduino shields can do? Why did we go there in the first place? Maybe there were no relay shields back in 2010?

We could do solid state relays, but at our use case the simple relay should do near 1 M bricks, or 200 Seed Eco-Homes.


Video With Test Code Running Solenoids

See last comment

Working Doc


Design Working Doc




Brick Pressing Rate Calculations


Past Work

  • Controller valve design - [1]
  • 2017 Controller Code Design - [2]. Calls for visual programming
  • 2017 Controller Document - [3]
  • Useful Design Document - 2017. Includes pressing sequence. [4]. Learnings - need to simplify interface.
  • Pressing sequence - [5]
  • Ian Marcus code diagram - [6]
  • James Slade 2013 doc - useful for solenoid (non-mosfet) switching design - [7]
  • 2 Potentiometers included 2014- [9]
  • 2014 edition
  • Main document - [10]
  • Overall controller with Kliment enclosure. Not water proof. [11]
  • 2014 build instructions of Kliment solenoid board - [12]
  • Complexity is unacceptable. No need for a custom board for 4 solenoid turn-on functions. FETs are more sensitive than solid state relays.