CEB Press v16.09

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: See CEB Press Genealogy for the design evolution

v16.09 in use without hopper and with manual controls to allow workshop participants to operate the machine hands on:



This is the machine built at this workshop in its present state in Belize. CEB Press v16.09Belize.FCStd

Download FreeCAD source file at File:CEBPressJuneGroup.fcstd. This file contains the version history since June 2014.

24 Hour Build

Build Procedure


Workshop Layout


Design Development


CNC Cutting Files

CEB Press v16.09/SCAD Files

CEB Press v16.09/SCAD Files/Parametric

See also Files for breakdown by thickness and some more notes.


Notes: major changes include cost reduction of solenoids by $400 and removal of shaker for a cost reduction of $500.



See new work at CEB Press Controller v16.10


Visual Fabrication Diagrams

Frame Fabrication Diagram

File:Frame module.fcstd

Image is clickable:

Drawer Fabrication Diagram

Arms and Legs Fabrication Diagram

Hopper Fabrication Diagram

Hydraulics Fabrication Diagram

Controller Fabrication Diagram

CEB Press Controller v16.10

Microcontroller Code

Code for auto mode operation. Runs on Teensy 2.0++ Current link at:

insert OSE repo link here when ready.

Issue Tracker

  • There should be a CNC marking on the rib for the location of the soil block.
  • Front mid plate flange - does one have to be trimmed to make the hopper support fit on the ejection side?
  • Are table bolt holes narrowed down already?
  • Do CNC cut rings work as the shaft support?
  • How much effort does it take to straighten heat warping of frame metal?


  • Developer ISO
  • Open source cylinders. Advisor.
  • Open source solenoid valve. Advisor.
  • Open Source Gear Pump.
  • Robust 3D printing (3D printer dependency)
  • Open source electronics design + workflow
  • Open source soil mixer
  • Lime burning
  • FreeCAD construction set
  • Scribus build book - on-demand publishing
  • Online sales template + fulfillment instrucions for ANYONE - with license terms, attribution, and terms of sale have to be clear. Ie, anyone contributing or using can make money on this. Just spreading a new culture.
  • Brick press manufacturing training
  • Super-efficient CEB house instructional. Nonseismic plus seismic.
  • OBI Design Guide
  • 2 stage hydraulic pump for 1/2 power usage


From one participant: