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For standards, see Sample Fabrication Drawing and combine with OSE CAD Title Block standard. For fabrication instructions of individual parts of the CEB press see A-Z Instructionals.

Overall Procedure

To facilitate one-off replication by independent producers, it is useful to include procedural hints - which can save many hours of fabrication time - over simply showing the parts a,nd expecting the fabricator to build them. The point of rapid teaching is to facilitate replication - and this is a critical piece of the OSE platform.

Suggested Pages

  1. Cut list and instructions + BOM. May fit on one or more pages. Parts drawings included, possibly on separate pages
    • Please include illustrations of how to torch and calculations for how many sheets of 1/8" sheet metal we need for the following parts: 100080 100079 100062 100092 100060 100061 100074
  2. Hole drilling/punching list and instructions
  3. Main cylinder - plates, welding
  4. Main cylinder - hydraulic fittings, extension instructions (extend to fit in frame) (may combine with last item)
  5. Frame assembly instructions - main frame, jig, drilling technique, cover plates, bolting and torques
  6. Frame assembly - main cylinder insertion
  7. Frame assembly - includes cylinder side and front adjusters, sensor attachment, drawer adjustments
  8. Part drawings: drawer adjusters, front/back adjuster plates, sensor holder.
  9. Assembly - arms, legs, feet, hopper interface
  10. Parts - arms, legs, feet, hopper interface
  11. Drawer - fabrication (IN PROCESS, BEDDINGFIELD (12/17/11))
  12. Drawer - roller guides, mounting the guides, and insertion into frame, adjustment up and down
  13. Hopper - fabrication, supports, assembly
  14. Grate - parts, fabrication, mounting
  15. Shaker motor - parts, fabrication, assembly, mounting (IN PROCESS, BEDDINGFIELD (12/17/11)
  16. Controller - box, controller, sensors - explosion drawing
  17. Controller box - parts, assembly, connections, mounting
  18. Sensor - parts, assembly, mounting on holders, connection - 2 cylinders
  19. Solenoids - parts, assembly, mounting, wiring
  20. Hydraulics - explosion
  21. Hydraulics - main cylinder, secondary cylinder (bypass+flow control), solenoid from power cube, solenoid to active elements, shaker (with needle valve)
  22. Machine integration - mechanical function description, hydraulics wiring procedure, electric wiring procedure including battery connection, connection of machine to power, pressure settings, initial testing, software

Pages Submitted for Approval



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