CEB Press Troubleshooting and Repair

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Maintenance and Repair

There is little maintenance that needs to be done to the Machine. This is due primarily to the absence of a power unit on the Machine. For storage, remove the hopper grate and clean soil from the Machine. Store the Machine indoors to prevent rusting. Cap the hose ends so that dirt does not get into the hoses.

If any parts become damaged structurally for any reason, assess the damage and replace the part if needed. All parts are either stock steel or off-the-shelf components. Most of the Machine features bolt-together, designed-for-disassembly, and most parts may be replaced readily. The entire machine can be taken apart in about 5 hours for study or refurbishing, and as long as the Machine is kept free from rust, it should last from generation to generation. We recommend a new paint job every 10 years, including inside the main frame. The inside of the compression chamber is the only part that may wear out in time. Replacement of the front and back u-channel pieces is approximately a 2 hour job involving the drilling of holes and minor welding; replacement of the side wear plates involves torching off the old ones and welding on replacements, which is about a 2 hour job if the Machine frame is already taken apart. Material costs for these repairs involves a total of about US$40.


For the machine to operate properly:

  1. Hydraulic power must be available from a power source
  2. Hydraulic power must be delivered to the actuator
  3. Electrical power must be available from an electrical source
  4. Electrical power must be delivered to the power usage points
  5. The logic system must be providing control logic
  6. Control logic must receive position feedback from sensors.

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