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Note: The image is a Google Drawing with hyperlinks to the different events. To access the links, click edit below the image.



This year, we will have:

  • The College Tour
  • Extreme Production Workshops - 3 day events which involve experiential learning, 1-Day builds, real-time documentation, and open enterprise exploration in one.
  • Lectures - including College Tour - recruiting students for alternative breaks, summer vacations, and Dedicated Group Visits on site and remotely
  • Extreme Development School - at Factor e Farm - parallel design-builds involving college students, Dedicated Group Visits,.
  • Fab Wagon - Taking Extreme Production on the road with our mobile equipment trailer
  • Residency Program - inviting select open source hardware developers to Factor e Farm for


Workshops include Brick Press and Tractor builds, and builds of products that use these machines - such as Microhouse builds. On top of this, we are working with Lulzbot on a 3D Printer Workshop, and Lasersaur on a Laser Cutter Workshop. We will also release the CNC Torch Table as a critical fabrication machine. See 2014 Workshops:


If you are interested in replication, we recommend fully that you copy our designs only after you understand what stage they are at. The 6 machines above are to be released, and their release date is the date of the corresponding workshop. Workshops mean that we have achieved a single-day build of the machine. A prerequisite to that is complete design and fabrication ergonomics worked out.

You can download various designs at Dozuki.