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This is the top-level category page for a tree of categories breaking down all images on the wiki by what kind of image they are (photograph, 3D render, etc) and what their subject is (person, machine, place, etc). All images on this wiki should appear in one of the subcategories of this tree in addition to being placed in a category describing their subject matter as well.

For example this photograph of the CEB press assembly sequence should be placed in Category:Photographs of Machine Fabrication to describe its type and subject matter and it should be placed in Category:CEB Press to describe what subject area it pertains to. Various tools exist to compute the intersection and other boolean operations on sets of articles in two or more categories. By sorting images like this and using one of these tools it will be possible to create a page showing, for example, "All of the assembly pictures of the CEB press" by simply computing the intersection of these two categories.

Pictures should be placed into one of the following subcategories:


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