CharMaker MPP by EarthSystems

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CharMaker Mobile Pyrolysis Plant, developed by the Australian company EarthSystems is a mobile pyrolysis plant in a shipping container. It converts biomass to biochar or standard charcoal. Any log or stick sized woody biomass can be used and chipping is not required.


Comments (Rasmus)

  • pro: mobile, shipping container form factor,
  • pro: no chipping required (also true for other kilns such as the Kon-Tiki
  • pro: optional systems for: heat recovery for drying / space heating, for wood vinegar and bio-oil, for small-scale power generation
  • con: smaller "baskets" that need to be loaded into the container - seems cumbersome, means that some fossil fuel input necessary, forklift required, (=$)
  • con: this does not appear to be "open burn" pyrolysis that may be required for good mobilization of volatiles and hence high-quality biochar
  • con: needs some external fuel to get the process going (this could easily be changed though)