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Big Picture Introduction

Collaboration ecology refers to Open Source Ecology's overarching system of collaboration, including online and real events, with Test-Driven Design-Build, both realtime and asynchronous, towards solving Pressing World Issues. OSE is a pioneer in collaborative design, as the only effort in the world carrying out a decades-long program to opensource the technosphere in its entirety - by developing and documenting all results openly as a global, collaborative effort. OSE believes that an open technoshpere is a prerequisite for building democratic society, in harmony with natural life support systems. As of 2020, the concept of OSE has been in existence for 16 years, as is in its initial stages of large-scale development towards solving pressing world issues. Bt large-scale, we mean corporate-scale (yet distributed and open) product research and development, involving teams of thousands and budgets of millions.

Such a process begins with gathering around a massive transformative purpose (as in Diamandis), which involves improving conditions on Earth for continuaing survival of humans without detroying life support systems. This is a basis for space travel, immortality, and learning to get along with each other, with the latter being perhaps the most challenging - among other developments.

The Sustainable Development Goals capture many of the requirements for prosperity, and OSE's work is in line with most of this. OSE's perspective is that technology can help, but the real progress lies in upgrading the software in our heads to become more collaborative. As such, we would be able to solve problems more effectively, without running into anthropogenic, technogical, unintended consequences that can compromise the continuity of sentient civilization as we know it.

The central question for OSE is thus how we can collaborate effectively - towards collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. We simply do not believe that increasing polarization between the haves and have-nots is sustainable. We believe that great power imbalances can lead to great catastrophies between different people. Thus the primary effort of civilization should focus on achieving balance - by transparency and collaboration.

This approah explains some of OSE's current activity: to opensource the technosphere, to educate all, to create mutually assured abundance, to empower everyone towards thriving.

Access to power is access to knowledge and aducation. From the productive perspective - open source, collaborative product design implies that everyone, as opposed to the select few - benefit from scientific, technological, productive advancement.

As such, our platform supports such a program. An open publishing interface - the wiki - allows collaborative publishing where people can collaborate on sense-making and product development. There are known taxonomies (product development process) and organizational principles (agile, scrum, extreme manufacturing) and repositories with version control. The OSE platform has a discussion platform, the Forum, which promotes constructive discussion around Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the approach of open, collaborative development to reach these goals. OSE also uses Extreme Enterprise events to distributed wealth via collaborative, open product development. OSE trains people in its workshops, technical school, and university programs. OSE provides access to capital - in its most essential form of education, materials productiuon, and provision of goods and services across its campuses and worldwide.

The OSE Campuses are centers of human development as the locus of innovation in human progress. We create technologies and institutions - the core of our education program revolves around creating change makers who work on important unsolved questions about technology and society. The OSE Campus is where we promote systems design, integrity, and wholeness in humans - as we train them to be stewards of the world around them in a framework of transformation and lifelong learning, where we create possibility - and opportunity.

On the ground, we develop 50 machines and 500 modules as we open up the technosphere to human access. We develop blueprints for civilization, which means product designs of technologies and institutions. We favor an entrepreneurial approach as we create circular economies as a result, where people unjob into their true callings.

We use and create standard tools such as open source software, open source hardware, CAD, calculations, diagrams, bills of materials, and bills of instructions. By following a certain Taxonomy, we coordinate thousands of people to work collaboratively while keeping the effort organized.

Specific Interrelations

  • 50 machines, 500 Modules - there is a class on each at the OSE Campus. Each is extended to a deep product ecology. For example, cement mixer is integrated with cement maker - or limestone burner. Plus tractors for excavation and fisheries for the afterlife in the form of a pond.
  • Each person can rent space at the OSE Microfactory - do production runs.
  • University - tech school, bachelors, masters, phd - pick your degree level - cross-fertilize between each. The welder gets an itch for R&D, and the Ph.D. gets an itch for welding. Everyone benefits.
  • SDGs - Forum is organized around these, since SDGs match OSE's work so closely.
  • OSE Campus - each one has a minimum of 24 robust enterprises. Biogas. Water production. Cement production. Steel production. Lumber. Food, nuts, livestock, fisheries. Construction. Robotics. Manufacturing. Materials. Nanotech. Biotech. Solar.
    • Zero Poverty - Extreme Enterprise Hackathons and OSE Campus where possibility meets opportunity.
    • Zero Hunger - annual harvest with local food pantry - spend one day in public production for durables for the food pantry. Honey, chicken, apple sauce, wheat, piglet sausage, fish, etc. Easy work for food. Or the urban distributed gardening with aquaponics. Perennial polyculture + CSA + rent-a-flock. Hire those who don't have money for food. Feed people what is tasty and good for them. Freeze-dried fruit powders - a way to store juices. Ex - Freeze Dried Foods.
    • Good Health and Well-Being - Unjobbing. Affordable healthcare that substitutes for profit healthcare. Start by understanding the economics of healthcare, and create the open source medical infrastructures including clinics and hospitals.
    • Quality Education - the OSE Campus as class mixer. It is a lifelong learning and R&D opportunity for Economic Time-Binding, with free access to all of our resources to anyone who joins. Thus, everyone who chooses gains up to PhD level proficiency by the end of their life - becoming more valuable with time.
    • Gender Equality - strive for 50/50 gender mix at the Campus
    • Clean water and sanitation - closed loop water systems with onsite processing. Enriched water for energy and fertilizer. Ozonation as final step of a biological process.
    • Affordable and clean energy - biogas, PV panel production, solar hydrogen, pellet stove to charcoal, wind, gravity ponds.
    • Decent work and economic growth - unjobbing in a circular economy of self-determination
    • Industry, innovation, infastructure - the open source microfactory fueled by collaborative design at the OSE Campus - a global collaborative. Open Source X - the equivalent of Google X skunkworks - but open source.
    • Reduced inequalities - historic transfer of wealth from the few to the many by capital access via de-financuialization
    • Sustainable cities and communities - OBI, extreme enterprise including machines and 3d printing of materials. OSE Campus as a point of inclusive light.
    • Responsible Consumption and Production - Open Source Everythign Store powered by the Open Source Microfactory powered by collaborative design powered buy a new culture where you uncover that you can design and build
    • Climate action - biogas, PV, solar hydrogen, seasonal heat storage, saturated water
    • Life on Land and Water - OSE Campus is a site of natural preservation.
    • Peace, justice, and strong institutions - the OSE social contract, Campus Constitution.
    • Partnerships for the goals - collaborative design of products and institutions
  • Hackathon-Kickstarter-Herox-Crowd Supply complex - productizations and bootstrap funding.
  • Design Guides - new meaning in terms of "Yes, you can learn to design and build complex things - if you just demistify the art" - something completely foreign to just about anyone, and completely foreign to Marcin until 2000.

Collaboration Areas