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The working question is how you can get a large team (100+) to work collaboratively in a focused way. What infrastructure is required to do so?

This is distinct from the Amazon 2 Pizza Rule, which is based on small proprietary teams in which open documentation is not the norm. Collaboration Architecture must address Brook's Law: more people must produce faster development velocity, not slow it down.

2020 Model - 24 Hour Collaboration Architecture


STEAM Camp Collaboration Architecture

General - design + build + enterprise + education + manufacturing + testing + data collection must happen at the same time.

Concept: every action adds to the quality of the work, and does not propagate mistakes


  1. Concept Design Diagram
  2. Design Rationale - unless people are clear about that, design decisions will not be degenerate

During Design/Build

  1. CAD - design it so it's 3D printable and verifiable
  2. CAD + Enterprise - model kits come right out of design
  3. Prototyping - 3D printing can happen at the same time
  4. Production Engineering Documentation - production engineering should be documented for artifacts, and to optimize parameters. Can't improve print quality and optimize without this.

After Design/Build

  1. Graphics - concept diagram fully fleshed out with diagrams
  2. Animation - exploded part, assembly, functional. Blender.

Working Doc


Specific Development Elements

  • 3D printed model kits - ex, OBI Arch Kit, CNC Multimachine Dev Kit. Define all the modules.
  • Laser cut model kits

Infrastructure Elements


  • Immersion Program students collaborate on the collaboration architecture platform.
  • Metrics - cost reduction for the performance obtained. 80/20 rule - implying 20% cost for 80% performance. That is part of the OSE Brand. And then you can also go all out and exceed industry standards as well.


  • Design Guide - The holy grail for enabling mass participation. Good for any type of build; focus on scalability, performance, cost calculations to discover the most favorable DIY space.
  • Build Manual - for a single build instance


  • Small laser
  • 3D printer
  • Filament maker
  • CNC Torch
  • Heavy duty CNC machine


  • FreeCAD workbench for the development

Collaboration Architecture Notes 2015