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last updated 1/16/14

OSE Communications

  • See OSE Communication Channels for contact addresses and websites related to OSE
  • OSE has kept a blog since 2007. We are currently looking for a blogger to blog a comprehensive monthly summary.
  • OSE updates its OSE Facebook feed consistently. Core developers are given posting privileges. We intend to refactor our Facebook posts into a weekly or biweekly blog update.
  • OSE maintains regular communications with its True Fans, and will hold monthly Google Hangouts with True Fans. See True Fans Hangout.

OSE Media, Usage, and Policy

Use of OSE Media Assets

  1. OSE media assets are found at:
  1. High Resolution GVCS Media
  2. Our top 5 videos are at OSE Top 5 Videos, and other videos are found on the OSE YouTube Channel and OSE Vimeo
  3. Machine documentation and build instructionals are found on our Dozuki site
  4. Raw images are found at the OSE Trovebox
  1. Anyone is free to use any of OSE's digital assets - all under the CC-BY-SA license. Open Source Ecology is a trademarked name.
  2. All OSE assets are licensed CC-BY-SA. Any use of assets and any derivatives are required to be licensed under the CC-BY-SA license. This means that any User of our assets must - if requested - provide a digital copy of the asset so that OSE can republish the same. This also means that any journal, interview, magazine, or online articles must not be protected behind any firewall, and digital copies must be made available to OSE upon publishing and upon request. This is for the purposes of republishing via any of OSE's communication channels - such as but not limited to wiki, blog, website, and social media.

Speaking Engagements, Lectures, Interviews

  1. For requests, contact info at opensourceecology dot org

Media Interviews, TV Productions, and Other Media Requests

  1. Our current priority is research and development. Our development site is currently under construction as we are making continuing improvements to our infrastructure. We are currently not media-ready. For further questions, please contact info at opensourceecology dot org.