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When designing for democratic civilization, we must consider documentation. Documentation implies the Time Binding of previous learning, and when combined with automation, that means a comfortable lifestyle of self-determination for those who are interested in learning this level of responsibility.

At the Core Enterprise Module level 1, net revenue is $1.2M assuming one Leader and 24 Apprentices. If the model is a replicable facility, and an enterprise that we can teach - what would the operations look like? We assume Apprentices work half time - 24 houses build per year. We build a house build per week, and maintain facility in the rest of the time.

  1. Leader - works 10 hour days 5 days a week, 1 hour travel each way.
  2. Apprentices - work on 3 tracks: infrasturcture, machines, design, and enterprise tracks.
  3. For the 4 tracks, we need to hire 4 staff: machine design instructor, site infrastructure manager. House Design instructor. Workshop manager.
  4. For food - in the first year we hire a cook, so that our learning time is efficient?

These address the site infrastructure development - necessary to grow to 240 people in a couple of years.

Assumption is that site infrastructure work provides the necessary labor. And we are starting to teach people about design to build in the necessary skill.

Budget of $1.2M per year:

  • Building materials - $600k. For additional infrastructure. Assumes 12 people do this - 12 others are in the design tracks?
    • Assumes that next year's tuition pays 100% for new housing at $10k/person. - added revenue of 240*$10k= 2.4M
    • Every cohort added means 4 more staff -think of it as 24/4 cohorts.
  • 4 staff - Machine design instructor, house design instructor, workshop instructor/manager, site infrastructure builder. $100k/pop. Higher than market rate.
  • Machine build materials - $150k.
  • Cook - $50k. Market rate.

Question: What does it take to scale to 240 people as a campus? Infrastructure, staff.


  • We are missing The Performance Coach, if out goal is building humans. 1 coach per 24, who coaches staff and students. This coach is a performer and a performance psychologist building upon Positive Psychology.
  • Thus, budget must account $500k for support staff.
  • The good thing is - they participate in 2 builds per year - so they can collaborate with the students. In fact, if the builds are ongoing - wouldn't the coach want to be there all the time? Doubling up as a documenter, at least for social media if not technical. Technical documenters may be another track.
  • We have not addressed the need for Construction Manager, and Back End (due diligence, contracts, legal, website) - both of which are full time roles per 24. Thus, each 24 has a support team of 5 teachers,
  • If we have 1.4M to work with, we still retain $700k for site improvement - $350k materials + half labor.
  • From this 24 module + 7 staff - we then build the second story of the Tower of Wisdom
  • Summary - house design teacher, machine design teacher, workshop teacher maintainer, site infrastructure builder (local farmer), performance coach, Construction Manager, and Admin (customer acquisition and contracting)