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Used For

  • Cutting of many materials of varying thickness (depends on output power)
  • Engraving of flat wood or metal surfaces
  • Engraving of the glass subsurface ( See this video )

Industry Standards

3D printer conversions:

  • 2.5 W engraves well and cuts paper - and 4 mm plywood with multiple passes. . Uses Inkscape with engraving plugin -, [1]. 2.5W laser needs a 2A power supply. Needs a regulator to modulate power output.
  • 2.5 W with RAMPS - [2]. 3 mm balsa at 10 mm/sec works with 3 passes. One model of CEB Press - could be done rapidly. Thus, modeling 1 mm cardboard would be 10 mm/sec one pass - probably. A 5 minute cut gets us 300 seconds of cut - 120" or 10 feet of cut. In one hour - say over lunch - we get up 3600 seconds - 120 feet of cut. Plenty for modeling.

Minimum Viable Product


  • See Small Lasers for diode choices from 3 to 15 Watts. 3.5 watts appears ideal - it can do 3 mm plywood.


DXF cutting files for frames - Laser_Cutter_Frames

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