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Notes on Marketing

3D printer resources for teachers -

Regional Contact Lists

More SF contacts

  • Michael Poremba
  • Lily
  • Google X OSHWA Member
  • Maltfield
  • Rachel Katz
  • Google X friend
  • Farmer Scott
  • Emily
  • Skaiser

Value Proposition to Librarians

  • Get a makerspace for your library and get Continuing education credit while you are at it.
  • Down the road, offer accredited credit
  • Rationale: the trend in libraries is turning them into makerspaces - libraries want there libraries to be part of the future. Many librarians also pursue continuing education, as they love to learn. We can do both - and we could also involve them in Public Product Design. Imagine if people could design the products they use.


  • 3D Printer XM Workshop Marketing
  • 3D printer XE Workshop Marketing
  • 3D Printer XD Workshops Marketing - these are extreme design jams, which are accompanied by HeroX incentive prizes. XD Jam provides a prototyping environment for the Open Source Everything Store. XD Jams are funded synergistically via machine builds on the first day. XD Jam costs a little - as a boot camp on rapid prototyping, and an opportunity to engage in the rapid prototyping. This is OSE's route to scalable prublic development with accessible tools. It is like a hackathon, except with addition of real prototyping.
  • 3D Printer Kits Marketing - these are online one-click drop ship + on-demand part printing with auto harvesting. Web presence is copy for selling these. Also offers a 12-pach drop ship for those who want to run workshops. There could be. 2 packages: drop ship + Workshop Teacher's Guide, and another package that includes consulting on running workshops, or consulting alone.
  • Microfactory Marketing - this is where we teach people to create flexible on-demand production enterprises. This uses online platforms for production.

Value Proposition

  • Scalable, modular construction set, not only forr 3DP but others
  • Package for plastic recycling to 3D printing
  • Enterprise opportunity
  • Distributive - for enlightened algorithms

Event Promotion Checklist

  • Eventzilla Registration created
  • Posted to Website
  • Posted to Facebook
  • Online Calendar Listings
  • Flier
  • Email blast


  • Summer camps - particiants build their own for XM, or we teach the instructors to teach their participants
  • Libraries - a heap of librarians build the printer in XE, so they manage the printing capacity. Or,
  • Elementary and high school librarians
  • Elementary and high school STEAM students
  • University campuses - art and architecture with big printer (3' version)
  • Existing tech iCal people who want to learn the organization and Teaching side
  • Organizations who currently run workshops - such as The Crucible
  • Builds at tech shop
  • Builds and presentations at tech centers
  • Build workshops for STEAM centers
  • Hackerspaces - boot camp for potential workshop teachers.
  • Co-organization with 3D printing businesses
  • Co-organization with known orgs, such as tech crunch, hackaday, and even Make


  • Hillsdale College
  • Evergreen College
  • Princeton - ivies for training with 1 week class for extra money. Boot Camp includes 2 builds, and third is with oversight, and new ones are by the student
  • Waterloo
  • MIT -
  • Caltech


  • Rodale Institute
  • Mother Earth News
  • Botanical Gardens - with Aquaponic Focus

Recruiting the Trainers

People who can teach and are already skilled in 3D printing are prime candidates for teaching OSE workshops. Set up.of one-click kit.com or other options is desirable. List of candidates:

Home School Programs

Home school programs are often state funded. In Alaska families get about $2K per student per year. Generally funds are released at the beginning of July or August for the school year. Major purchases are usually made first. The 3D Printer build could be the foundation of a core science course or possibly a major unit study.

The build price structure most likely will need to have the printer included in the class as many homeschool programs won't pay for equipment. Also, it is customary to find a way to include siblings, possibly as auditors, or by charging by the build team.

If we send the printer parts ahead, with excellent instructions, we could come later to do a two-day workshop answering questions, assist builds, and trouble-shoot with participants. This would require getting several families to participate in each workshop. Homeschoolers are very hands-on, very much makers and doers.

External Links

  • Lulzbot for education - bundles, discounts, AVL - [2] . Inquire about copying 4 step copy at OSE using Lulzbot Cura.

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