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OSE offers 1, 2, 3, and 9 day professional development opportunities in the areas of design, 3D printing, robotics, and open source collaboration. For our 1-3 day program, see:

For our 9 day program, see

Education that Matters

3D Printer And Professional Development

There is a strong case for getting teachers signed up for a 1-3 or 9 day professional development training session around the topic of a 3D printer build. The specific deliverables and design points are:

  • Educator learns to build a 3D printer by building one for their schools
  • Registration is for a pair of teachers from a school, or for a single motivated one
  • Focus is on design
  • Specific educational deliverables are learning to build a printer as a prototyping tool, and learning how to design and build other machines - using the 3D printer to make parts for larger machines. This leads to a teacher's ability to turn their classroom or group into a design team - while being able to build things with a low budget.
  • 9 Day Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp is for those who want to teach a whole course on machine design
  • We offer 24 remote webinars for continuing education on design, with applications to real world projects.
  • The OSE offer constitutes a boot camp on desing for teachers (and others) who want to get involved in education that matters towards building local economies. This is priceless, and an approach offered by few - as we focus on practical applications that lead to entrepreneurship - as opposed to working for existing corporations.

OSE Strategy

  • Focus on top institutions and remarkable teachers there. Work from a list of the top, award-winning teachers who are interested in learning serious skills.
  • Identify a list of potential teachers
  • Identify a list of potential for-credit opportunities to pursue. Start with Teacher Training or workshops. We train teachers and students, we do not provide finished designs. We provide the teaching tools.
  • Basic package is a D3D Simple Kit+24 weeks of design sessions on Universal Axis (12 sessions) and Machine design (12 sessions). This lowers the cost, and is an efficient use of resources for vetting adoption of the Universal Axis. We promote the Universal Axis as a Universal Building Block.
  • We provide specific CEU Specifications Met - both for Teachers, and for Students.
  • We provide Evaluation - a 3D printed project submitted for evaluation. The project requires 10-20 hours of work time, and is documented transparently.
  • Application for a school includes - "Do you want to build a useful machine for your school, and put your community on the map for the next open source manufacturing economy?" Solar golf cart project. Weekly meetings during OSE Dev Team.
  • We teach the teachers to have the capacity to run an OSE Club, which meets weekly
  • Once enough teachers are found, we run Design Coopetition, or feed into an existing challenge.
  • Design Coopetition follows principles of the OSE Incentive Challenge for collaborative design (reuse and building upon others' work while adding to Admissible Parts Libraries).

Professional Development

  1. Specific ask - teachers are always doing professional development.
  2. Professional development at schools - school boards allocate funding for professional development
  3. Private schools - professional development
  4. Every 6 weeks there is a day of PD.
  5. School board - who
  6. Mr. Bardo - proposes STEM
  7. School Board - entire county or multiple counties. Board will tell you what you have to do for professional development. Our workshop to choose from. We're not Paperwork 101.

Specific Offer

What are the most common professional development area interests that OSE can offer right now?

  • Anyone who wants to have a 3D printer at a library who wants to run courses on design and prototyping
  • Science teachers who can teach their kids to design and prototype at the grade school and high school level
  • See STEM Professional Development


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