D3D Simple Value Proposition

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This is a working document, and it is not final or binding


  • Auto bed leveling
  • Flexible build plate with magnetic attachment for quick release of printed parts
  • The lowest unique part count of any 3D printer in the world - only 51 unique parts including extruder. 262 total parts, including 28 printed. See Part Count Comparison to Other Printers
  • Volcano nozzle for 3x faster printing than the most popular 3d printer in the world - Prusa i3 mk3 - [1], and 5x higher than Ultimaker 5
  • Comes stock with a 1.2 mm nozzle for 3-10x faster printing than industry standards.
  • Uses the most popular open source firmware in the world - Marlin
  • Out-of-box expandability to fast, insulated heatbed, for eco-friendly printing that saves 30% on energy costs.
  • Out-of-box expandability to a 12"x12" print bed
  • Out-of-box expandability to larger stepper motors and stepper drivers, to build a 3D printers using the Universal Axis with 1" rods.
  • Comes with free 3D printing file on its SD card s for a large 3D printer with a 2'x2'x3' build volume that can be printed using D3D Simple - a design which was developed at the 2019 Startup Camp - so you can turn that into a viable product
  • Comes with free 3D printing files on SD card for a 4'x4' CNC torch table with water bed and auto ignition that was developed during the 2019 Startup Camp so you can turn that into a viable product
  • Quick-connect extruder, and interchangeable toolheads. So far we have a simple spindle and pen plotter for educational use

Community and Education

  • The only 3D printer that includes industrial education out of the box: ability to experiment with CNC controls, CNC machine design, power electronics, batteries, mechanical design, electronic design, motor design, extruder design, nichrome heater design, welder design.
  • Part of a global development community for OSPD via the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps where we develop real products.
  • DIY design. We produce the only commercially available 3D printer in the world that can be built exactly using common, off-the-shelf parts
  • FreeCAD source: Full design file for the 3D printer and part libraries available in open source design software, FreeCAD.
  • Belt drive on all axes for faster speed on all the 3 axes
  • Universal Axis modular construction system, allowing bootstrapping to other variants
  • Scalable to high performance machines out of the box. See D3D Simple Expandability Value Proposition
  • The only 3D printer in the world with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty, included in the purchase price of our products. We guarantee that our products can serve you for a lifetime of use, because you can repair, replace parts, and upgrade for as long as you like. We adhere to the Freedom of Repair Manifesto. We provide a product development roadmap, and the tools for closed loop manufacturing that allow us to recycle old machines completely. So if you want to recycle your product, just ship it or bring it back to us and receive a credit on future purchases. See more information at the OSE Lifetime Guarantee
  • Un-patent pending. OSHWA certification for open source design is pending.
  • Respects Your Freedom certification pending


  • Print speed on prusa i3 mk3 - [2]
  • Prusa mk3 product page - [3]
  • Prusa Mini product page -
  • Ultimaker S5 - [4]. 24 mm3/sec print speed.