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Tue Jul 14, 2020

  • David Lemmer Log
  • AFIT - Air Force Institute of Technology . Ohio.
  • Systems Engineering Masters - model-based systems engineering. Systems engineering - before it used to be document based.
  • Extreme_Enterprise_Event_Design#Pre-Preparation
  • Start with Definition of Done
  • Metrics - how do you measure if the process went well.
    • Number of modules successfully produced
    • Metric - number of people, and proper teams that showed up.
  • Key thing in modular breakdown - map out the boundary - dimensions, inputs, outputs, where it's going. Specify only critical interfaces and properties.
  • End up with a redundancy of solutions - of
  • CAD in solid works
  • Wiring and basics of circuit analysis. Used P-spice.
  • OSE Part Library
  • OSE Collaboration Protocol
  • OSE_Marketing - for recruiting collaborators.
  • Seed Eco-Home - see Seed Eco-Home Index
  • Breakdown of work - what is the ask from all the collaborators? A clear video intro would be useful here.
    • Systems Engineering - top down
    • Interfaces - have collaborators contribute
    • Tech design - request input, from people who already have designs
    • Choose a team -
  • Allowing self-selection of tasks - allows people to have more ownership. So find ways to allow people to select teams or tasks. Coming to the day of the XE event - we know their tech background - we know roles. Let people self-assign into teams. Include metrics for how well people are fitting. Maybe a personal blurb of what person likes.
  • David's next steps - continue on Extreme Enterprise Planning - on self-organizing teams, for the day of and before. And log your hours.
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