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Wed Jun 17, 2020

From Josh Log:

Podcast criteria spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QUfUTpWQYDJaAyjAoc57vysUbU6XMATHcSkuKImwgl4/edit#gid=62406523


Podcast types:

Sample Email

One example - FLOSS Weekly Sample Email

Future Thinkers

That's a great catchall - https://castbox.fm/podcasts/future-thinkers-podcast?country=us

Learning How to Learn

  • Deep Questions with Cal Newport - [1]


OSE is also in the permaculture space. From the Nut Plantout Machines, Aquaponic Greenhouse, Perennial Polyculture, Nut Breeding, Afforestt Workshop, Miracle Orchard workshop at Factor e Farm, Biodigester, Seed Eco-Home, CEB Press, and our work on open source farm machines, we have plenty of compelling content. Relevant presentations by Marcin include one at the Permaculture Voices Conference. Here are relevant podcasts:

  1. Paul Wheaton Podcast- known name in USA permaculture - [2]


OSE uses OSE Linux, an open source operating system. Advocates of open source are typically interested in open source ecology, hardware hacking, and DIY. Anyone who knows or uses Linux is likely to be our friend.

  1. The Lunduke Show - [3]

Community Economic Development

OSE work is clearly related to circular economies, local community economic development, relocalization movement, Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Manufacturing, and more.

Contact Emails

  1. A Sustainable Mind Podcast


See Podcast Log

Podcasts that Mention Open Source Ecology

  • PostScarcity.net - OSE mentioned as a realistic route to post-scarcity - [4]


  • By buddhist geeks - follow up

By David Lemmer

Most of these aren't "Podcasts" as much as regular youtube content creators. Many of them focus on economics, movements, politics, politicians, and political culture in the US. However, all of them conduct interviews on a fairly regular basis of people who are activists, organizers, thinkers ect.

I think OSE could resonate with their audiences and I think these are also audiences that want to actively contribute to positive change, whether that is in the form of financial support or activism/campaigning.

Status Coup - 81.6k subscribers, approximate average views per video 4,000 , total views 13.7x10^6


For business inquiries: StatusCoup@ProtonMail.com ABOUT US "Status Coup gives the microphone back to the people with in-the-field and investigative reporting."

Ron Placone - 25.4k subscribers, approximate average views per video 1,000 , total views 2.8x10^6


Graham Elwood - 71k subscribers, approximate average views per video 2,500 , total views 7.1x10^6,



Past Podcasts with Marcin