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  • A Device that removes water vapor from the air, producing relitively pure Distilled Water
  • Most use a Peltier Module and are thus innefficient, yet also compact and simple
  • Most OTS do not have a "set relitive humidity" and simply remove as much as possible
  • Most HVAC units have some intigrated system
    • Although not often VERY capable
  • User:Eric currently lives in florida and considers humidity control a borderline life support system (we have a statue of the inventer of refrigeration in the statue area of the congress building...)



  • Amazon - $75 - [1]

OSE Work

  • Dehumidifiers are not only for occupant comfort; many industrial processes require precise humidity control, or at least benefit from it
  • PET Plastic Recycling Workflows DEPEND on an ultra-low humidity
  • FDM Filament production, storage, and use all benefit from a dry enviroment as well


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