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  • (Note that this page may need a better name, or may already have a page and thus may need merging)
  • This page goes over an existing, and perhaps growing, problem in product development
  • Many designs are being designed by people removed from the end user
  • That combined with little feedback etc leads to many great ideas with poor execution, or ideas that don't work outside of "normal conditions"

User: Eric's Rant

  • SO the train of thought that got me to write this was that i was watching this video on catalytic converters , and they mentioned DEF , i then looked it up , read a wikipedia article, then was intruiged for some hands on videos.
  • I Started watching some youtube videos, and MANY were on:
    • Accidentally mixing DEF in Diesel Tank or the other way around
    • Their car being software "bricked" in some situation where they ran out
    • Availability issues (either they don't have it, or it is "expired" (it is aqueous amonia, so it will turn to water voer time)
    • Education Issues (people don't understand it's use and thus remove it due to being a "gimmick" / scam, perfectly understandable, but widespread NOX Emmisions ARE an issue)
  • Lead me to thinking about the issue, granted this is partially the WHOLE IDEA OF OSE + OS Movements...BUT i think it is also a good thing to note in the future
  • On a further note we will also be able to have our designs:
    • "Just Work" and/or be Foolproof (for seperate liquids etc ports that physically wont fit eachother, easy maitnence etc)
    • Be expalinable without being a "gimmick" (and a strategy to get a person out of this train of thought)
  • The bit on the video:
    • The older tractors do a good job, wonder if that'l be true of the new ones when THEY are older
    • IE open source the GOOD TECH

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