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Direct Access is a documentation strategy that focuses on modular navigation and easy access to substantial information (ex. substantial would be like a picture of how to plant an apple tree; non-substantial would be phrases like "planting an apple tree requires 5 steps")

Documentation consists of concepts (ex. hot and cold; it's better for this to be hard so that it doesn't break easily), details (ex. 5mm diameter; force = pressure / area), and instructions (how to get tools and materials and how to use them to make something).

It's good to have documentation accessible in the form of packages- groups of similar content. The similiarity can be different (soft things in one package and round things in another package) hence the same content may exist inside multiple packages.


The following example is the electronics section of the CEB Press. Notice:

  • the links to information about other modules with additional details about how that module is used for "this" particular application.
  • the direct links to order materials from suppliers
  • the abundance of pictures and diagrams with a high density of substantial information.

Electronics - CEB Press IV

12V Battery or Power Supply suffices. Peak current is <5A.

Sensor Holders

Hall Effect Sensor Module (x2, with 20mm dia mounting hole)

Terminal Case x1 with 300mm x 150mm area x 50mm height working volume

Terminal Block x2 with 120mm length x 25mm width

Solenoid Driver x1

Arduino Uno R3 Board from NKC Electronics via Amazon

Alligcables.jpg Mountedcebelec.jpg Mountedcebelec2.jpg Mountedcebelec3.jpg

Mountedcebelec4.jpg Mountedcebelec6.jpg Circuitdiagram.svg