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Ethical Dream Team

144 of us - a village scale - can move forward significantly on reinventing civilization. Building a new infrastructure for civilization: open source collaborative appropriate technology (SDG 9), renewable energy (SDG 7), regenerative agriculture (SDG 2), the open source economy Resource-Based Bank (SDG 1, land stewardship (SDG 11), right livelihood (SDG 8), and end of war (SDG 16), and collaboration to get there (SDG 18).

To get on the Dream Team 144, we have a rigorous entry exam for: (1) collaboration, which includes the courage to learn, (2) technical skill, (3) risk-share commitment. We provide scholarships to those who would otherwise not be able to do this work, that are paid back by fulfillment of Seed Home 2 house orders. Collaboration and technical skill are tested by a design exercise to demonstrate one's ability to think and solve problems based on OSE Design Guides. Risk-share commitment is paying for the tuition, or a refundable deposit of 50% tuition. Deposit is refunded upon success. Either 50% of the tuition or the deposit is lost if the candidate does not succeed in the first year. After Year 1, Candidates have the chance to start a branded, collaborative chapter, with terms to be determined.

The commitment involves being available to travel on site for additional 2 week sessions of Extreme Builds.

The first 3 months of training involves building houses, and night school on tractor and 3D printer for 4 hours 3 days per week. Weekends are completely free to rest and celebrate. There is also a remote track, where others do training in remote locations in 3 other locations throughout the USA.

The work requires full time commitment, with no other side jobs or commitments allowed. We discuss the financial situation of each canditate to assure that they are financially secure for the first year, or we take the measures collaboratively to assure financial stability.

The first 3 months are boot camp on building Seed Eco-Home 2s. During this time we build several Seed Eco-Homes using the OSE Swing-Blade Sawmill. The next month returns to remote collaboration, with a southern OSE facility developed for winter training. We divide into teams to work on product releases of sawmill, soil mixer, CEB press, construction materials printer + plastic recycling to be released by end of 2022.