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This is a list of desirable electronics for Factor e Farm's effort at creating an advanced civilization based on a global economy.


  • standard connector designs that can be reprapped or machined easily
  • relay design that can be reprapped or machined easily
  • Induction furnace power supply
  • inverter circuits scalable at the 1 kW unit; for MIG welder and other applications
    • Is it easy to control current if running a DC welder directly from a large battery?
  • MIG welder
  • plasma cutter
  • Plante plates for lead acid batteries
  • Transformer steel shaped into thin E shaped plates for custom transformers.
  • scalable CNC controllers for stepper motors
  • valved feedwater delivery control system for steam power cycle
  • digital camera
  • transistor fabrication
  • solenoid valves - including for high-speed fluid injection (such as steam engines)
  • controller for CEB Press
  • open source soldering iron
  • on-demand electric heater with thermostat
  • flame sensor and automatic ignition for Babington burner
  • oscilloscope
  • wireless bridge
  • radio, walkie-talkie, phone
  • battery charger
  • battery charge controller
  • metal detector
  • silicon refining from sand
  • aluminum refining from clay
  • lithography for integrated circuits
  • cordless drill

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